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Many people would like to know an estimate for repair before they incur shipping charges for an item that may not be worth repairing. Feel free to e-mail or call us (352-245-8862) with questions of this nature, but as stated in the previous section, there is no way to give an accurate estimate without having the item in hand. We can issue a ballpark guess based on what is described to us, but we will not be held to that price should there be more to the restoration than was described to us.

As a general rule, a simple repair starts at $50. Of course, simple is a very relative term. Every repair has its difficulties, whether it be an odd texture, or intricate pattern, or a difficult color to match. Some repairs may be less: small chips, glue only jobs, etc. But if you don’t want to spend at least $50, it’s probably best not to send it.

See our instructions for packing your piece in the following section.