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When shipping a fragile item, there are a few things to consider about packing. If you have the original box, by all means, use it. Sometimes, like in the case of some Lladro figurines, they are held in place by the base and head. If a figurine has lost its head, then obviously more care will need to be taken, because the design of the original box is no longer useful. Still pack it in its original box, but take care that it does not move around.

In all cases, wrap each broken piece separately, and DOUBLE BOX your item. DO NOT just wrap something in bubblewrap, throw it in a box with packing peanuts and expect it to arrive in the same condition as when you sent it. We see this quite often and the results are not pretty. To double box an item means to put the box that you carefully packed your broken pieces in, and put it into a larger box (at least 2″ larger on each side) with packing peanuts.

Some people prefer to take their item to a pack and ship type establishment for this task.

Whatever you choose, be sure to include your name, address, and phone number inside the box, and insure the item.