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Antique & Contemporary

We specialize in porcelain, ceramics, and similar materials. Some of the brands we restore are Lladro, Hummel, Roseville, Weller and like American pottery, Meissen, Boehm, Cybis, Walt Disney Classics, Armani, and similar art objects.

We are often asked if we can do anything with glass. Absolutely! If glass is broken, we can glue it back together with a specialty glue just for that purpose. We cannot hide the break, but it will be less obvious once it is glued together.

We are experts at Swarovski Crystal repair.

We are listed by the Lladro Society as a qualified restoration company for Lladro figurines and by the Hummel Society for the restoration of Hummel figurines.

We do not repair china or dinnerware. Try Replacements LTD to replace the piece.