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Porcelain Restoration is a Passion


A love for antiques led this graphics designer to a career in porcelain restoration.


Leak Enterprises is a porcelain restoration company devoted to the meticulous restorative art of returning broken porcelain art objects and figurines to their former undamaged beauty. I am the owner, Joanne Leak, and I have worked in this restoration field since 1986.

I received my formal art training at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and I apprenticed with the Eric W. Idstrom Company, a highly respected restoration studio located at that time in Pompano Beach, FL. Through my apprenticeship, I discovered the wonderfully challenging and satisfying field of porcelain restoration.

In 1991, the Idstrom company moved to Belleview, FL, where Mr. Idstrom retired and the Eric W. Idstrom Company passed to me, transitioning into Leak Enterprises.

In 1993, Matthew Lewis, a very talented, award winning sculptor began working at the studio. Together, we breathe new life into art objects once thought irretrievably lost due to damage or missing pieces.

Leak Enterprises is listed by the Lladro Society as a qualified restoration company for Lladro figurines and by the Hummel Society for the restoration of Hummel figurines.